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Are you ready to get approved for the best rate online from multiple Oklahoma mortgage lenders? When you are serious about buying a house in the Mid-West, you should get pre-approved from a credible lender in your county.

If you are keen to become a homeowner, you will need to make an offer on a home and the seller must accept the offer before your mortgage can actually go into process. Your lender will request the following for the underwriter:

  • Home Inspection
  • Sales Agreement
  • Signed Acceptance Letter from the Seller
  • Credit Report
  • Signed Residential Loan Application
  • Uniform Residential Appraisal
  • Income Documentation

Get a Oklahoma mortgage from a company that has earned the trust from residents living in your community. We recommend that first time home buyers consider FHA loans because the rates are reasonable and the financing terms are favorable.

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Conforming and government loan programs are subject to lender approval. Ohio Rates and guidelines are subject to change without notice.