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Find a FHA loan officer from Minnesota that can help you qualify for a low rate FHA home purchase or refinancing. FHA mortgages enable 1st time home buyers to purchase a 1-4 unit single-family property with only 3% down or refinance up to 97% of the value assessed by the licensed appraiser.

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Phone: (612) 441-1000

Castle Rock Mortgage
6415 Highway 10 Suite 109
Ramsey, MN 55303

1110 HIGHWAY 55

Presidium Mortgage
8509 Jefferson Lane
Brooklyn Park, MN 55445

Now Minnesota residents can get low interest rates from local Minnesota Mortgage Lenders.


Refinance with reduced interest rates and request additional cash out for anything.
Choose from Conventional, Jumbo, FHA, VA, sub-prime etc.
Refinance credit cards and get cash!

A better solution for lower payments

Lenders may offer a Fixed Rate even if you have bad credit scores.

Get 4 Free Quotes from lenders who specialize in Sub-Prime loans.


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