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Find a Local Broker or Mortgage Lender in your neighborhood! Search for lenders and shop interest rates with the top home mortgage lenders online. Get free quotes for purchase mortgage loans and with programs for non-conforming home loans that exceed $417,000 loan amounts. Lenders Nationwide is committed to providing superior mortgage loan products to all applicants with a premise of fair lending. It is Lenders Nationwides policy to treat all of its applicants and borrowers fairly and in accordance with federal fair lending and equal credit opportunity laws throughout the loan process.

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  • All borrowers allowed to 55% DTI with residual income
  • 80-20 home Loans first-time homebuyers

$425,000 mortgage for under $1,993 per month

The Five-year interest only monthly payment of $1,992.19 is based on a 30-year $425,000 3-year Adjustable Rate Loan at a 5.6250% interest rate (Annual Percentage Rate is 6.475%) and 80% LTV. Customary closing costs and fees also applicable. After the initial 3 year, fixed-rate period, the interest rate will adjust every 6 months, based upon the "Index", which is the average of Interbank offered rates for six-month U.S. dollar-denominated deposits in the London market ("LIBOR"). The new interest rate will be calculated by adding the margin to the "Index". After the 5 year Interest Only period, the principal and interest payment is $1,321.83, based upon today's fully indexed value. APR and rate may increase during the loan term. The rates offered are subject to change. Actual payments will vary based on individual client situation and current rates. This interest only mortgage Not available in all states. All loans are secured by a lien against real property and not all applicants will be approved.


Fixed Rate Home Equity Loans and Variable Credit Lines

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