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Lenders Nationwide is aligned with credible companies that provide affordable home purchase loan options for all types of borrowers. Buy your home and qualify for reduced payments with no reserves or down payments required! Get a traditional home loan or consider an interest only or negative amortization loan that offers the smallest payment monthly.

Find a home loan lender in your neighborhood! Search for lenders and shop interest rates with the top home mortgage lenders online. Get free quotes that make the process easier for first time home buyers.

  • Home Purchase Rates Starting at 2.75%
  • Get Multiple No-Cost Loan Quotes
  • Special first-time homebuyers loans
  • Lock in to a low rate 100% purchase loan
  • Interest Only or Negative Amortization Loans
  • Stated income and no-doc loans for salaried or self employed
  • 80-20 home Loans first-time homebuyers

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Mortgage Lenders Offering Bad Credit Home Loans

Loans for People with a Bad Credit Mortgage

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Borrower Benefits:

  • Renter to Homeowner
  • Easier to qualify for home purchase guidelines
  • No upfront cash needed
  • Only 2 months’ PITI reserves required
  • Fixed Mortgage Payment for 3, 5, 15, or 30 years

Question: What should I consider when deciding whether to rent or buy a home?
Answer: This is a critical decision in your life that should be based on financial and personal goals. From a personal standpoint, you should consider whether or not you want to commit to living in a home for several years. To determine if buying a new home makes financial sense, you should analyze your current monthly expenses and compare the cost of renting to the after-tax cost of owning.

Question: How can I determine how much I can afford to pay for a house?
Answer: It is difficult to find the home you want to buy, and then later consider the affordability. It is better to determine how much you can afford monthly, and then look at the houses for sale in your price range. Take advantage of our financial loan calculators to get a quick estimate of how much you can spend for a house.

Question: How much are Lenders Nationwide fees for obtaining a home loan?
Answer: Lenders Nationwide does not charge any fees up front. Your final loan costs will depend on several factors, including which state you live in, what county you live in, and even what loan program you have selected. However, a good rule of thumb is that the national average for closing costs is about 2 - 6% of the home's sale price (not including down payment).

Jimmy and Tina Yeager were not new to home buying and shopping for mortgage loan had become just another step in the process. They got pre-qualified for a home mortgage that enabled them to shop for a home with specific price outlined by a budget and a limit for monthly payments. While the Yeager’s are experienced with the mortgage loan process, the rest of us can be as successful. Local mortgage brokers offer several tips: Efficiency, affordability and integrity are three important factors when considering a lender or loan officers to work with. What are the best ways to evaluate the work of a lender?

Word of mouth is the best way, lenders said. Ask your family and friends who they have used and whether they have had a good experience.


Fixed Rate Home Equity Loans and Variable Credit Lines

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Refinance your mortgage with reduced interest rates and cash out.

Choose from Conventional, Jumbo, FHA, VA, sub-prime etc.
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Low Rate Second Mortgages.

$35,000 2nd Loans for only $199 month.
Refinance credit cards and get cash!
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A better solution for lower payments.

Consolidate Debt and get a Fixed Rate even if you have bad credit scores.

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Low Rate HELOC’s and Home Improvement Loans. Get the cash you need for construction and remodeling.

Apply for Cheap Home Purchase Loans!


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