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If you have low credit scores or the inability to document your income, you need to work with high risk lenders. We have developed strong alliances with high risk lenders in all 50 states so if you continue to be rejected by banks and loan companies, give Lenders Nationwide the opportunity to meet you're financing needs. The Community Reinvestment Act opened the door for unqualified borrowers to become homeowners. The government pressured lenders to offer high risk loans to promote homeownership. The truth is that as defaults and foreclosures mounted, loan guidelines tightened dramatically.

Choose from the following alternative mortgage options: Hard Money Mortgage and Bad Credit Loan Programs. Our team of lenders offers a wide variety of subprime, government and high risk loan programs.


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Shop interest rates online and connect with the trusted mortgage lenders when you are ready. Get free lending quotes for mortgage programs for buying a home, refinancing existing mortgages or consolidating some high rate credit card into a fixed rate loan.

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