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If you want the best rates without having to pay mortgage insurance you should shop conventional lenders who have been originating loans for many years. Find conventional loan companies who offer low conforming rates to minimize your housing expenses. Home loan rates have dipped to lowest point in fifty years, so getting approved for thirty year mortgage makes a lot of sense financially. Lenders Nationwide will help you find a conventional mortgage lender that can meet your long-term financial goals. You can save thousands of dollars by lowering your mortgage payment without being required to pay mortgage insurance monthly like FHA loans require. With low rates and no mortgage insurance, you can't go wrong getting a loan from a conventional lender.

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Shop conforming lenders online without the hassles of dealing with underperforming brokers. Whether you need a home buying loan or a 3% mortgage refinancing solution, we have the loan companies for you that will meet your financing needs.

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2012 FHA Loan Requirements - HUD lowered the loan limits for FHA mortgages effective October 1st, 2011. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac followed suit and lowered the conventional loan limits for 2012 as well.

Record Low Home Loan Rates But Who Qualifies? - Loan guidelines have become more difficult as conforming lenders are now requiring a 75% loan to value for borrowers that want cash out.

People with 2nd Mortgages May Qualify for HARP Refinance - Read the article in which, Nationwide elaborates on how to refinance under the HARP 2.0. The 2nd lender must be willing to subordinate.


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