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With refinancing guidelines getting tighter and rates forecasted to rise, getting matched with competitive refinance lenders is more important now than it has been in recent years.  When shopping loans online it is imperative that you compare quotes from mortgage refinance lenders that have experience with government and private money lending.  It’s no secret that Lenders Nationwide has built a stellar network of the best refinance lenders that offer discounted interest rates and great customer service. Our team will help you find the lowest mortgage refinance rates online. 

Get Connected with Lenders Who Specialize in Low Rate Refinancing

From our mortgage portal, loan applicants can get quotes from companies like BofA, Bridge Mortgages, Chase, Nationwide and Wells Fargo.  It is our company mission to connect you with the best mortgage lenders to meet your financing needs and goals. Check out the featured refinancing lenders below who specialize in a multiple home refinance programs.  Compare the home refinance lenders below and get a free quote with no obligation.

Directory of Premiere Mortgage Refinance Lenders


  Bridge Mortgages specializes in home refinancing for people looking to refinance with bad credit

  • Fixed Consolidation Mortgages
  • Subprime Home Loans
  • FHA and VA Mortgages

  Nationwide is an experienced lender offering unique cash refinancing opportunities, government finance programs and home equity loans

    Home Loan Magician is a popular loan company with people who have challenged credit.



  FHA Home Loan Lenders helps consumers refinance into fixed rates and obtain cash back.


    Home Loan Wholesale was founded by a group of bankers and brokers in an effort to create a super lending company.


    Mortgage Refinance Right – Get help locking the best mortgage loan refinance now!

  • Obama Mortgage Relief
  • Home Affordable Refinance
  • Fixed Rate Refinancing



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