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Foreclosure News Blog  Foreclosure News has been reporting the stats and housing crisis and financial news since 1999.  The mortgage news portal also reports on the fall-out from the government funded bank bailouts and mortgage companies shutting down their doors.
Debt Relief News  Debt Related News is an online new portal that focuses on debt settlement, consumer credit counseling, bankruptcy laws and consolidating unsecured credit card debt.
Mortgage News  Mortgage Related News continues to be one of the premier destination sites for mortgage news, mortgage rates and lending related articles that provide insight to lenders and mortgage brokers nationally.
Mortgage Lead Generation  The Lead Planet Company offer mortgage marketing strategies with exclusive internet leads and live transfers from their suite of mortgage loan websites.
Mortgage Relief News  Legal Loan Relief provides expert advice regarding foreclosure prevention and loan modification opportunities in California.  Their knowledge with foreclosure laws and trends for lender offers for loan work-outs is second to none.
Mortgage Lead Blog  Mortgage Lead Company publishes online articles on mortgage lead generation and post lead specials for FHA mortgage leads, refinance leads, loan modification leads and debt consolidation leads.
Home Loan News  Home loan Wholesale is a mortgage directory for lending professionals and their blog is committed to reporting home loan news in all 50 states.
Home Foreclosures  Home Foreclosure Advisors provides mortgage relief insight from loss mitigation law firms and non-profit mortgage counselors for a balanced perspective for homeowners seeking unbiased insight on mortgage modification plans.
Subprime Mortgage News  The Subprime Mortgage Debacle is blog dedicated to the subprime mortgage crisis of 2006 and predatory lending legislation.
Real Estate News  Real Estate Related News provides news, reports and articles related to real estate trends, home financing and the housing crisis.
Home Mortgage Bad Credit Bad credit lending company extends subprime mortgage opportunities to homeowners with options for home buying, refinancing and loan restructuring

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