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Lenders Nationwide offers access to expanded programs for alternative mortgage lending. We connect homeowners to the top-rated Alt-A mortgage lenders so they can enjoy the finest financial experience online when shopping for a home loan or mortgage refinance. Get cash out with your home equity for debt consolidation or simply accessing additional cash. Financing can be a valuable tool for many purposes so our mortgage loans for bad credit provide a fresh start for struggling consumers.

Find a Local Mortgage Lenders in your neighborhood! Search for lenders and shop interest rates with the top home mortgage lenders online. Get free quotes for mortgage refinance and with programs for bad credit, rate and term, debt consolidation and cash out.

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Consumers should be well informed of "payment shock," stemming from interest rate adjustments; prepayment penalties charged when a loan is paid off early in the term, even by a refinance; balloon payments' existence; the cost of reduced documentation loans; and the borrower's responsibility for other non-mortgage costs including taxes and insurance. Many consumer advocates hope states will follow suit and strengthen local level regulations as many did after the Feds released new rules for nontraditional mortgages and home refinance loans. Federal legislation aimed at such state level compliance from brokers and lenders not federally regulated are also making the rounds on Capitol Hill.


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