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At Lenders Nationwide, we help consumers meet brokers and lenders locally. We publish one of the fastest growing mortgage directories online. Compare lenders, home loan brokers and more with ease all on our user-friendly website. Consumers can find a loan broker or lender offering a refinance, purchase or home improvement loan in your neighborhood! Search mortgage rates for home refinancing and new home buying with no cost quotes from the home loan lenders and lending professionals in the mortgage directory. Shop rates for traditional, FHA and sub-prime loan programs with the top mortgage loan lenders and brokers online. Mortgage Lenders Nationwide researches to find the best mortgage lending professionals for each specific loan size. Home refinancing and residential financing can be complicated, so take advantage of our directory that promotes brokers and lenders that you can trust. If you have bad credit scores or recently lost your home equity, ask about a mortgage modification.

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Now you can locate the top lenders and mortgage lending professionals for conventional and government home refinancing in the nation. Sometimes finding home mortgage lender locally can be difficult, but Lenders Nationwide makes it easy! Use this directory to get matched with house lenders that best suit your needs. Choose between, National and local loan companies.

Search lending products for good credit with conforming home loans and good, fair and bad credit take a look at our FHA refinancing. Get free quotes for home mortgage refinancing and find lenders who offer special loan programs for rate and term, debt consolidation and cash out. The market has changed, but there are still many great loan programs available to homeowners everywhere.

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The FHA home mortgage is a popular loan to many Americans because of the minimal cash deposit needed to close on a home purchase. These government home mortgages are insured to protect mortgage lenders in case of a default on the loan. Other home loans have stricter loan requirements, but FHA mortgages have better payment schedules and more lenient guidelines for calculating a borrower's income.

If you aren’t sure why an FHA loan may be right for you, ask your Lenders Nationwide representative to analyze the pros and cons between the FHA and traditional conforming loan programs.

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Mortgage Lending Direction: Bloomberg reported some recent perspectives from the Federal Reserve: In a recent interview, Federal Reserve Governor Sarah Bloom Raskin said the "shocking and enormous decline" in American home prices underscores a weakness in mortgage servicing that does not work in the best interests of mortgage lenders and borrowers

Since the Dodd-Frank mortgage reform, we have seen an increase in loan fraud and a decrease in qualified borrowers because of stricter guidelines for Fannie/Freddie and 2013 FHA loan amounts in which limits are set for each geo-region by Congress and HUD. We hope that some politicians who understand how the home financing system works will step in soon.

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Lenders Nationwide is committed to providing superior mortgage loan products to all applicants with a premise of fair lending. It is our lending policy to treat all of its applicants and borrowers fairly and in accordance with federal fair lending and equal credit opportunity laws throughout the loan process.

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Lenders Nationwide is one of the nation's leading mortgage advisory companies, headquartered in the Golden state of California. We now rank among the nation's fastest growing internet advertising companies. With over $100 million in loan requests since 2000, we've helped nearly a million homeowners realize their dreams of saving thousands with lower payments from refinancing!  Get the Best Rate for a Mortgage Refinance!

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Our mortgage lending directory provides geo-targeted advertising solutions designed to deliver more leads and more exposure for our lending partners. For consumers, we use our exclusive system where applicants are instantly connected with qualified lenders, banks, and brokers.

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Our record is solid and our reputation offers peace of mind for consumers and lenders alike. Our rapid growth in the past few years signifies our commitment to building strong relationships with our Lenders & Brokers, who provide the best loan programs in every market in every state. With over twenty years' experience as a Texas lender, we understand what consumers need in the search for financing assistance. That's why we connect applicants with competitive mortgage lenders and brokers locally and nationally.

House values have been hit hard this year for most of the country. The lending guidelines for conforming loan programs have tighten beyond the point for most borrowers. Home refinancing has been limited mostly to FHA loan programs. Maryland mortgage banker Jason Sklar spoke of a recent report claiming that "over 40% of homes purchased since 2006 are worth less than mortgages owed against the property." Properties sold in a foreclosure or short sale transaction continue to affect property values and real estate sales negatively. Loan modifications have become very popular for borrowers trying to renegotiate mortgage rates without refinancing. As lenders get weary of the loan modification performance, expect the "good-will" mortgage relief to end. It's no secret that mortgage lenders are looking for more profit in the years to come.

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Our record is solid and our reputation offers peace of mind for consumers and lenders alike. Our rapid growth in the past few years signifies our commitment to building strong relationships with our Lenders & Brokers, who provide the best loan programs in every market in every state. Whether you are a start-up broker with a small budget or national bank with a much larger budget, we have the volume you need. Lenders Nationwide's top priority is our clients' profitability. Whether you need connect with a lender locally or buy online mortgage leads, we have your back in this new mortgage industry era.

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